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Cape Clear News: Beginning Birdwatching Course 2010,Cape Clear Island News places left for 17-18 April

Beginning Birdwatching Course 2010, places left for 17-18 April 99.00 Click to enlarge This weekend course will be held every month from April 2010 to September 2010 and is a great introduction to the joys of birdwatching. The course is held on Cape Clear Island in Co. Cork and runs from 9.30am on the Saturday and finishes on the Sunday afternoon. Watching birds provides a lifelong, year round interest which is both rewarding and enjoyable. For those new to birdwatching, the identification of a particular species can be daunting when confronted with a standard bird guide. Where does one start? This course offers the complete beginner or novice the basic skills to identify, understand and appreciate birds, and their habitats. Through observation and the use of a field notebook you will discover how to interpret birds plumage colours, song, movements and habitats. You will learn how to identify both familiar and unfamiliar species with confidence, and leave with the knowledge of where and when to look for them. The course will also offer participants the opportunity to see birds in the hand as they are ringed by the observatory warden, Steve Wing Accomodation can be arranged with any of the B&B's, a list of which appears on our website.

email: telephone: 028 41923