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  Cape Clear Island Storytelling Festival 2010

Take a break at one of Ireland’s many autumn festivals Galway Advertiser, August 05, 2010. Treat yourself to a short break at one of the many events and festivals taking place across Ireland this autumn. Visit for great value offers and a list of the must see festivals taking place this September, including these highlights from around the country. Tall Tales on Cape Clear Island The Cape Clear Storytelling Festival, which takes place on Cape Clear Island, Ireland’s southernmost inhabited island, has been described as a ‘festival on the edge’. Its appeal as a storytelling festival has been well established over the last 16 years, and it attracts an avid audience of serious storytelling enthusiasts, while at the same time catering for all ages and creeds. This festival, which takes place from September 3 to 5, brings visitors back to a time when the human voice was the most potent form of entertainment, and carefully woven stories around the fire would provide hours of listening pleasure. The varied and extensive programme of events will take place in various parts of Cape Clear Island, with a well-known cast of story-tellers including Rosemary Woods, Charlotte Blake Alston, David Campbell, Pat Speight, and Suse Weisse, who have devised a programme including highlights Storyswap, The Good, the Bad, and the Story, heritage walks, and tales from the Grimms’ collection. For more visit www.discoverireland .ie/cork

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