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  Stunning new Map of Cape Clear Islandnow available in ‘Wings’ Magazine

Aficionados of Cape Clear and especially those with interests in wildlife and ornithology will be delighted with the spring edition of ‘Wings’, the official magazine of Birdwatch Ireland which boasts a special feature on Cape Clear Island. Penned by resident warden Steve Wing, the three page spread provides a stunning map of the Island with accompanying commentary on the most popular bird watching spots interspersed with superb photos. It reminds us that during late April and May the Island is one of the best places in Ireland to witness spring migration. Appropriately sub titled “your two-day spring itinerary” it provides all necessary guidance for a few days bird watching on the Island. Some of the areas included are also prime spots for whale and dolphin watching, with species such a Common Dolphins, Porpoises, Minke Whales and Basking Sharks amongst others regularly seen. Having had a hand myself in various maps of Cape Clear over the years I can say with some authority that this particular one is one of the best and most attractive yet produced for its clarity and presentation and would be useful for anyone interested in walking on the Island as it also includes the red and green walking trails developed in recent years. Elsewhere in the magazine details are given of the range of weekend and week-long residential bird watching and ecological courses proposed for 2012 from €95. ‘Wings’ is available to members of Birdwatch Ireland which is €40 p.a. for adults. More information available at Séamus Ó Drisceoil, Cape Clear Island.

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