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  Congratulations to the Islands Craft shop on its 30th Anniversary.

The Island Crafts Shop, in Baltimore, conveniently located close to the main ferry pier celebrates its 30th anniversary this year since Sherkin Island Knitwear joined forces with Cape Clear Pottery in 1982. Over the years many island craft workers have sold their work through this outlet which offers a wide range of knitwear, jewellery, pottery, silks, leather, metalwork, pictures, books and cards, unique to the area and not available in other craft shops around the country. The shop is run by the craft workers themselves, providing a direct sale to customers, and where individual commissions can be arranged. Island Crafts also provides a valuable tourist information service for the islands, with details of ferry schedules, local services and upcoming events. While many enterprises and organizations, some with considerable fan fare have come and gone over the intervening years the Islands Craft Shop has incrementally built up the quality and range of its products and service through the quite but incessant hard work, imagination and effort of all concerned. It is truly self-sustaining, reinvesting in the premises over time and returning most of the proceeds to the craft workers involved. For anyone visiting Baltimore or traveling onwards to Cape Clear, Sherkin or Heir Islands the Islands Craft Shop is well worth a visit. Open: Easter to October. Tel: 028 20347 / 028 20022

email:   telephone: 028 41923