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  Irish Sea Kayak Association Trip in Roaringwater Bay to circumnavigate Cape Clear and Sherkin Islands, weather permitting.

Meet: Roaring Water Bay, 16/17th June Date: 2012/06/10 22:30 By: Julian Status: Visitor Roaring Water Bay has both sheltered paddling suitable for poor conditions and more challenging exposed paddling if the conditions and group suit. The plan for the weekend is necessarily weather dependent and will be changed from that outlined below if necessary to suit the prevailing conditions. Present (long-range) indications are for reasonably favourable conditions, but of course that may change. Intentions: The intended plan includes circumnavigation of Sherkin and Clear islands at least and probably some of the other smaller islands of the bay too. It'll be suitable for all intermediate paddlers and above. I hope to work in an optional extension to the Fastnet for those able and willing, if both conditions are favourable and if we have sufficient experienced paddlers to facilitate a group split. We'll be camping off-shore on Saturday night. Depature time and place: Please be packed and ready for departure at 9.30am latest from the slipway in Baltimore harbour. We need to leave early for tidal reasons. Accomodation: In view of the early start it might be as well to use a B&B in Baltimore on Friday night. Otherwise, the nearest official camping is in Skibbereen, about 13 km from Baltimore. There used to be camping at Ballydehob, but I think that's closed. On Saturday night we'll be camping off-shore, probably at the campsite on Clear Island. I'm informed that there are pubs serving food and a shop nearby. Equipment: In addition to the usual paddling gear required for a long day-paddle, please be sure to bring, suitably packed in drybags or similar: Tent Sleeping bag and thermal mat (Head)torch Breakfast Lunch for a remote stop on 2 days Dinner and the means to cook and eat it, or funds for pub grub Warm clothing suitable for an overnight stop in a remote spot Rain gear Collapsible bag(s) to facilitate carrying all of your equipment from kayak to campsite in one trip. (If we're unlucky it could be a 10 minute walk, although I'm hoping that we're (a) going to land closer, weather permitting, and/or (b) get assistance with transporting gear at least.) Questions: Feel free to email me or give me a call if you're unsure about any aspect of the plans. Please indicate your intention to travel by posting here or by emailing me. Please also check back here again late on Thursday evening / Friday for any changes due to weather or such like. -- Julian Haines E:jah0002atutvinternetdotcom M:zeroeightseven 0521554 Post edited by: Julian, at: 2012/06/10 22:39

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