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  Cape Clear Heritage Centre achieves a significant upgrade

Cape Clear Heritage Centre Cape Clear Island Heritage Centre is centrally located on the Island, close to the Church, a very prominent landmark at the nexus of a number of walking trails. It is about 20mins from North Harbour by the most direct route which also passes the Island’s Goat Farm which is also a popular destination. Most visitors who choose to explore the Island by one means or another will eventually pass the Heritage Centre. Guides & Publications The Centre boasts a fascinating range of artefacts from the Island’s history collected over 30 years and these are complimented by meticulous research and recordings into all aspects of the Island’s past. These are easily accessible in a range of publication such as Cape Clear Island, Its People and Landscape, O Driscolls, Past and Present, Naomh Ciarán, Pilgrim Islander, Fastnet Rock, all by the Centre’s Director Éamon Lankford as well others such as The Natural History of Cape Clear Island by JTR Sharrock, Walks of Seven Islands by Damien Enright and Cape Clear Island, A Visual Tour by Chuck Kruger. However the best starting off point is the Cape Clear Island Heritage Trail costing only €5 which is not only a guide to the history and folklore for walkers but also presents fascinating insights into some of the most interesting exhibits in the Heritage Centre. It will also whet one’s appetite for some of the more specific publications listed above. Walking Trails In recent years the development of spectacular new walking trails has brought more visitors to the Island and local guides have seen the need to bring more of the Islands’ incredible history to life. Fastnet Rock Lighthouse Display & Tour The first major step, completed in June 2012 is a multimedia display on the Fastnet Rock Lighthouse. Cape Clear Island is the closest landmark to the Fastnet and has a shared history with the first lighthouse based on the Island itself. The exhibition which is evocative, imaginative, interesting and accessible presents a series of short videos combined into the display. The Island has long been a half-way point for sightseers en route to the Fastnet and on fine days there are daily tours around the Rock itself leaving North Harbour at 2pm. An inclusive return package from Baltimore is also available at O’Driscolls Cape Clear Island was one of the last O’Driscoll strongholds and the Heritage Centre has, throughout its lifetime carried out meticulous research into the Clan’s history leading to the publication of the definitive Clan history listed above. The O’Driscoll archives alone contain over 12 volumes with over 1,000 pages of family histories, stories, genealogies, obituaries, articles etc. See and Local Guides There are a number of enthusiastic and knowledgeable guides on the Island fluent in a range of languages and these are highly recommended for groups. Specialist guides are available for those interested in bird watching or natural history. Contact Entry costs only €3 and the Island bus service will also bring visitors for an all-inclusive fee of €5.

email:   telephone: 028 41923