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  Blue Monday to perform for Cape Clear Island Storytelling Festival

This year Club Cléire, Cape Clear Island welcomes Blue Monday, the unique Dutch trio of Kreen Janson, Hans de Bruijn and Neilei van den Krogt with their melodious selection of popular folksongs and music, mostly from Ireland but with honourable exceptions from elsewhere. Practised and accomplished, the trio combine deep and authentic musicianship with humanity, sense of humour and gregarious nature that must win them friends and admirers wherever they go. We assume this because the Island has already had the pleasure of a weeklong visit by the band in April this year, a week punctuated by pleasing evenings of music and talk and their many new found friends are looking forward eagerly to their second visit. Blue Monday performs in Club Cléire every evening during the Storytelling Festival but as usual welcome contributions of stories and song from the audience. See

email:   telephone: 028 41923