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Natural Heritage Conservation project on Cape clear Island

Cape Clear Tree Group has had an interesting start to 2013 with various new projects in the pipeline. One of these is an effort to conserve what must be one of the oldest and most iconic trees on the Island. An old photo from the Lawrence Collection, taken circa 1904 shows the elm tree outside the present day hostel in full bloom, and judging by its excellent fully grown condition it must have been planted in the mid 1800ís. Sadly the same tree having reached the end of its natural lifespan is much diminished as can be seen from a recent photo and its days are clearly numbered. We have taken a range of cutting as well as rootings from the tree and some of these have clearly budded which gives rise to optimism that the stock can be preserved. It is intended to plant the ensuing saplings in due course in various locations around the Island and with Richard's kind permission to replace the original tree with its own progeny when it eventually has to be removed. To see this item with the relevant photos go to

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