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  Dear Brendan, Cailin Óir Passengers

Everybody is invited to the blessing of the boats at Baltimore pier on Sunday 14th July at 5.00pm. This is an annual event that has been carried out in Baltimore for over 100 years. Traditionally all the boats that take part are looking their best, dressed with flags and bunting as this creates a wonderful spectacle in the harbour.

Rev. Chris O’Donovan CC will carry out the blessing and afterwards there will be music in the square to celebrate the occasion.

Since you heard from me last, there has been quiet a few callouts for both Lifeboats but probably the most telling one was where a life was saved which might not have happened if it weren’t for the speed and efficiently of the Baltimore Lifeboats.

The rescue took place at 5.45 pm on May 29th. It was a warm, sunny day with a light wind blowing from the North West, people arriving home from work and some sitting in the square enjoying the sunshine. It was a good time for a call as so many of the crew were available in the immediate vicinity of the harbour.

Earlier in the afternoon three teenagers left from the beach at Audley Cove near Ballydehob in a small punt. They paddled out to Horse Island, less than a mile away. When they decided to return they found themselves struggling against the wind and tide, there is a strong current in that area in certain tidal conditions. Their punt capsized leaving the three lads in the water without lifejackets. They shouted for help and were very fortunate that the two people sitting on the beach in Audely Cove, Mark O’Mahoney and his wife Terry heard their calls. Terry used her mobile phone to raise the alarm while Mark took an abandoned canoe with a broken paddle from the strand and paddled out. He managed to rescue one of the teenagers but was unable to do any more. Meanwhile the other two struggled for their lives in the current. The current proved too strong for one of the teenagers and he sank beneath the surface as the inshore lifeboat arrived. Crewman, Pat O’Driscoll jumped into the sea and brought the drowning teenager to the surface, saving his life.

This was a very close call. Had Mark and Terry not been on the beach, had they not called for help immediately, had there not been such a rapid response from the lifeboats, this story could have had a much more tragic end. It took only six minutes to launch the lifeboats and twenty-one crewmembers responded within that time.

Hopefully we’ll have a great turnout for the blessing of the boats on the 14th July and thank you for your continued support.

email:   telephone: 028 41923