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  Curiosities of the Late Great Storm on Cape Clear Island

The recent great storm on the island had its curious moments and events some of which were recorded on camera. We show some such curiosities titled as follows:-

 No 1 – ‘Chuck Kruger risks Life and Limb for a Photo’ – It’s oddly appropriate that this photo is blurred, it shows veteran island photographer Chuck Kruger dashing between waves from the garden area of North Harbour towards the relative shelter of the pier head. Not the first to take this dodgy route, and with some nonchalance, it must be admitted,  the surges were still crashing across the road against the crumbling cliff on the other side for some time after this photo was taken.

Chuck Kruger risks life and limb for a photo.


No 2 – ‘There’s no bus today because the Maritime Centre is in the way’ – Quite literally true, the Island bus was parked in Mary Cadogan's entrance and so was blocked in by the Maritime Centre which was gracefully washed around to this spot witnessed by Mary herself. No doubt, Mary may have welcomed the enforced break from bus driving duties to upload many of the fabulous photos she has taken to FB. Reliable reports have it that her FB page has the fasted growing no of followers of any Island resident.

No bus today becaus the Maritime Centre is in the way.


No 3 –‘St Ciaran’s Plaque gets washed in Holy Well’ – Well !, almost true, the photos shows the plaque which has been removed from its plinth by the surge and ended up quite miraculously undamaged in the holy well below. St Ciaran looks after his own !.

St Ciarán's plaque gets a wash in the holy well.


No 4 – ‘Natural gardening reaches new heights on Cape Clear Island’ - Here we show one of the bushes from the garden area quite literally removed, roots and all and deposited neatly with the roots washed nearby. Done anyone want a hebe ?.

Natural gardening reaches its zenith on Cape Clear Island


No 5 – ‘Artists impression of Island Folk watching the waves crashing through the breach in the sea wall’ in North Harbour.  Not really a curiosity but we think that Sorcha’s, age 6, impression of the great storm should be the last word ( or image)  on this subject and we are glad to share her work with a wider audience. Go raibh maith agat Sorcha.

Artists impression of Great Storm of Cape Clear Isladn

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