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  Ongoing Pier Works Thursday 4 September 2014

Frame for base of Cape Clear  Storm gateThe works on the pier development are now at a crucial, delicate and difficult phase. The large frame has been placed at the entrance to the harbor and this is currently being leveled in order to prepare for the concrete base of the storm gate structure. Great care is being take to ensure accurate levels are taken prior to pouring any concrete with various underwater inspections being carried out to this end. Once the base is complete the frame will be removed, allowing access again to the inner harbor area. The dock gate structure, weighing an impressive 1,000 tons is due to be towed from Velrome Dockyard in the coming weeks and will be drooped in to place . This will bring about a dramaticDiver Cape Clear Island transformation in the architecture of the harbor and will no doubt prove of great interest to visitors to the Island for many years to come. Photos show the frame in place and an diver engineer emerging after an inspection.

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