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  Harbour Developments - Pile driving has commenced

3 November 2014

Crane on Duffy's Pier Cape Clear IslandThe was another significant step forward over the weekend with the commencement of pile driving on the main pier to join up the storm gate structure with the round head of the pre existing pier. This involved the mobilization of the crane from the Bull Nose area to the Duffys Pier and the installation of steel form work for the insertion of the piles. Work is continuing  apace and it seems clear that, barring any setbacks that this phase of the work will be completed very shortly.

Photos show crane on pier with pile driver and piles in foreground, a closer image of the crane on  a bed of material to protect pier, and at the bottom the form work ready for the pile driving.

The work continues with little disruption to ferry activity, operations cease for health and safety reasons during embarkation/disembarkation and passengers are cooperating by removing cars and other vehicles from the area immediately after ferry times.

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