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  More about Welsh TV Program on 20 February

Inge has kindly provided  a more detailed outline of the contents of the program on Cape Clear to be broadcast on SC4 on the 20th of this month. This is that John Pierce Jones and Dilwyn Morgan head for Cape Clear in Programme 2 of Codi Hwyl – but their engine breaks down just as they approach the harbour.   The islanders offer a warm welcome to the stranded sailors and are more than happy to help get the Mistress underway again.   While the engine is being repaired,  John and Dilwyn enjoy two nights in Chleire Haven’s luxurious yurts and explore the island’s incredible scenery.  They visit Ed Harper’s goat farm where they sample the ice cream and try their hand at milking.   As fluent Welsh speakers, John and Dilwyn are intrigued by the strong connection between the two Celtic languages – Welsh and Irish.  But all too soon, its time to head for Baltimore to get new parts for the engine.  ​Not to be missed.

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