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  An interesting Development - Duffys Pier

An Interesting but concerning day on Cape Clear Island

Water gushes through Duffys PierMonday 23 March marked an interesting landmark in the development of the harbour with the installation of the steel barriers that will dry out the area where the storm gate is to be installed. This will temporarily close off the inner harbour but also has the remarkable effect of seeing the tide gush through the most vulnerable part of Inner Duffys Pier as an alternative route into the inner basin area. Clearly this is equivalent to a small river flowing through the already damaged stonework four times a day under some considerable pressure and this will inevitable create a scouring effect. While the sight is impressive it is also of great concern vis a vis the stability of this section of the pier. The remedial works to inner Duffys Peir will clearly not be a moment too soon. Photos show flow of water through pier plus a shot of the crane handling a section of the steel barriers.

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