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  Message from Brendan Price of Irish Seal Sanctuary

The Irish Seal Sanctuary (ISS) devotes much of it's time to facilitating conflicts both real and perceived coast wide and values local knowledge and concern and so were appalled to see seals presented politically and in media as preventing human safety and welfare developments on Cape Clear. We are happy to confirm we had no part in objections to Pier improvements and the Cork Council made no contact with us for advice. We are happy with measures to protect occasional encroaching seals from the development and that it is unlikely in any significant way to impact to impact on haul-out or breeding sites. Bear in mind Grey Seals are the World's 1st Protected species, charting now 100 years of conservation and Wildlife Law. Those interested can see the  Wildlife Documentary attesting their significance to us, Google Project Selki, Irish Seal Sanctuary would. love to bring it to the Island for showing sometime 

Regards Brendan Price M.Inst.Biol.Irl, ISS/CEO
email:   telephone: 028 41923