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  Another Cape CLear Connectionto the Lusitanis Story

Jeremiah Murphy Grandfather to Fionnghuala Hickey, owner of Pat the PoetsJeremiah Murphy & wife former home in the Glen, was the Manager of the Cunard Offices in Cobh at the time of the tragedy and was centrally involved in the events of the aftermath. His duties included identifying corpses from personal effects to spare the families the ordeal of identification, the operation of a temporary morgue, arranging for coffins, shrouds and burials. Because of his unsparing efforts he was later awarded an MBE which is on display in Cobh Heritage Centre. However family lore has it that he was very conflicted about accepting the award because of his disquiet at the inadequate official response to the events. In particular he was incensed at the sight of Admiralty ships continuing to circle the harbour afterwards and a delay in the telegraph by him to Head Office in London caused by Admiralty Intelligence. In his view he was compelled by professional and political circumstances to accept an award from those whose mismanagement and indifference had greatly exacerbated if not actually caused the tragedy.


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