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  Indexation of Cailin Oir Blog

Cape Clear Ferry Blog

Readers will be interested to hear that the Cailin Óir blog has been indexed to facilitate better access to items of interest on the Island going back to 2009. The indexation has done under the following headings:-

Development - Includes major ongoing island development projects , currently the harbor development  since and the proposed distillery, now in the early stages.

Environment - Includes trees, walks and the great storm of 6 January 2014

Ferry News - General day to day ferry information

Heritage - Includes O'Driscolls, Lusitania, Titanic, Dún an Óir, Fastnet, St Ciarán and Illen

Miscellaneous - Includes Baltimore, Family Fun Week, Literature, Music, Events, News, Storytelling, Wren Group, Islands

Year -All articles from 2009 to present

We hope that those interested in using the blog as a resource to explore years past will find the indexation useful. Naturally we are open to suggestions as to how the indexation could be improved and expect to develop it further in years to come. Some items are indexed under different headings where relevant.

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