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  A warm welcome for Irish Water

Irish Water receive a warm welcome on Oileán Chleire

 On Thursday June 4th there was suitably large attendance at a meeting in Club Cléire arranged and chaired by Noel Harrington TD in conjunction with Irish Water. Representing Irish Water were Aisling Buckley, Ian O’Mahoney and Mark O’Dufaigh.  Also present was local Councillor Joe Carroll and Mike Russell, water engineer with Cork County Council.

The main purpose of the event was to announce an investment of €5m approx. in the Island’s water network over the coming years to achieve a complete overhaul of the network , extraction and treatment systems. The first €2m is planned for the replacement of the network and it is hoped that the work will ready for contract in early 2016. This will entail some level of disruption over the course of that year. There will be a resident engineer on site throughout the period to ensure that things are done to the proper standard. The EIS studies, planning permission application and other preparations for the associated treatment and storage facilities should proceed apace with the work on the network (which does not require planning).

While the announcement was very much welcomed by all members of the community present there were various observations made about the implementation of the project. Without going into detail these were all in the interests of ensuring the best possible outcome for all concerned. Cailín Óir shares the enthusiasm of the Community for this announcement and very much hopes that the project will be brought to fruition to the high standards which Irish Water have clearly set themselves.

Bail ó Dhia ar an obair.


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