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  Busy times on the Cape

Such a busy week leaves the author struggling to keep up with things including the blog, in fairness, to do justice to a  place like Cape Clear one sometimes need to chill out, especially when an interlude of exceptional Summer weather calls to the great outdoors. However Mary Leonard asked me to report that a super fund of over €400 was raised during the recent cake sale - chocolate fountain event towards the further  beautification of the garden area in North Harbour. Some of this has already been invested in new shrubs and more will follow with a prospective table quiz to raise even more funds. The recent coffee morning, now an annual extravaganza,  held in Cadogans for the Family Fun Week was another resounding success, the abundance and richness of the sweet feast on offer only matched by the beautiful garden and surroundings being created by Seán Ó Ceadagáin. The author enjoyed his first ever circumnavigation of the Fastnet Lighthouse by Kayak at the kind invitation of Gareth O Donnell and Cindy Kingston. Gareth is our local expert in adventures such as cave and arch jumping. Those who attended Sheila Flitton's play on Wednesday on Breezie Gallagher, the last person residing on an Island in Lough Gill in Sligo were delighted, entertained and very impressed by the experience. The actress  professed herself to be equally impressed with the Island and enjoyed her all too brief visit. Meanwhile as today goes on the finishing touches are being put to those annual works of creativity, ingenuity and quite often hopeless optimism, that is to say the entries for this years raft race. There are about 40 Gardaí currently enjoying a short cúrsa Gaeilge and the Island musicians are geared up for a busy weekend coming up to the Family Fun day on Sunday. We show photos of the play, of the first first raft which appeared in South Harbour and just for variety a vintage photo of the harbor area taken in 1964. Onwards with the Summer !.

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