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Works to recommence on Duffys Pier

Works are due to commence very shortly on the refurbishment and widening of the inner part of Duffys Pier. This will necessitate closing the inner third of the pier to normal traffic for the duration of the works. Alternative arrangements have been made as seen in the diagram below to provide pedestrian access across the inner dock pier with a bridge spanning the area where the booms are placed during inclement weather. While the ferry will no longer have access to the Inner Dock during bad weather the new storm gates can be closed to provide the required protection. Arrangements are being put in place to facilitate the movement of light cargo along the pedestrian area and for heavier cargo alternative arrangements will be made which may cause some inconvenience but will nevertheless see the required items moved in both directions. We hope that all will show the customary cooperation needed to bring the works to completion in the interests of all concerned. Bail Dhia ar an obair.

email: telephone: 028 41923