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  A Well Deserved Award

A well-deserved congratulation is certainly due to Niamh Ní Drisceoil on her recent Appreciation and Achievement Award at the Irish Motor Neuron Association Annual General Meeting on Saturday 19 September last. In recent years  Lá and  later Seachtain Spraoi Chleire has not only been a fun filled family extravaganza it has year on year raised substantial funds for deserving charities, mostly the Life Boat Institution and the Motor Neuron Association, with €32,750 raised to date and €4,050 in 2015 alone. While life on a small islands sometimes may seem insular to some, the truth is that the Cape Clear Island Community is big hearted, outward looking and generous when it comes to supporting others. Niamh like other deserving recipients of such awards is modest about her achievements and points out that this is very much a team effort and that the fabulous support received from all and sundry is what makes events such as this possible. While being perfectly true, this does not in any way detract from the fact that leadership and inspiration are the essential ingredients that binds us together to such worthy effect.

So we can all take a bow and celebrate as we do when anyone from Oileán Chléire is recognized for their good works or achievements in whatever endeavor. Looking towards the future the award is timely because it may assist Niamh in her personal effort to raise event more funds this year for the Irish Motor Neuron Association by abseiling from the Hogan Stand in Croke Park on October. See her dedicated charity web page here and feel free to sponsor her as generously as you can with sponsorship cards available in An Siopa Beag.

While Niamh says she appreciated and enjoyed the award and event, it was tinged with certain poignancy as she had occasion to meet and talk to current sufferers of Motor Neuron Disease and their stories can only inspire one to redouble their efforts to support this very important cause. While thanking all who helped her none will grudge a special mention to the dedicated team of Helen, Treasa, Susie and Claire. Cléire Abú.

Photo shows Niamh accompanied by Helen & Treasa Ó Céadagáin.

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