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  Another Great Project on Cape Clear Island

The recent clay/plaster workshops which took place on Cape Clear Island during the period from 26 September to 5 October were by all standards a resounding success. Designed as part community arts project, part residency the three artists, Jacqueline, Eileen and Angie made a temporary home for themselves in Eirí na Gréine for the duration.

No effort was spared to make the workshops as inclusive as possible. Often there are more women the men taking part in projects like this so they made an extra and successful effort to encourage more men to take part. The special efforts made to recruit participants for the project included a demonstration at Culture night on the 18th September, posters and social media but the most successful recruiting method was walking the Island and chatting to people.

Starting on Sat 26th the workshops were frequent and flexible including a ‘mens shed’ type morning session, school children and senior citizens. There are now fifty seven plaster panels with very interesting and diverse subject matter. The work is of a high quality and very expressive of the interests of those who made it.

The aim with these workshops was to be as inclusive as possible, facilitate the making off work which was relevant to those who created it, and end up with a visually arresting communal Art work that reflects the lives of people living on Oileán Chléire. Feedback from participants and on the Island Oileán page has been very positive, so the artists have gloriously succeeded in fulfilling that promise.

It can safely be said that this was by far the most successful community arts project to have taken place on the Island in many years and the artists and indeed participants deserve great credit. The final display of plaster panels make for an intriguing and impressive display which offers considerable insight into the Island and its people.

There is ongoing debate about the final resting place of the panels but one hopes that they will be in an area accessible to the public for many years to come. Meanwhile credit and thanks is also due to Cork County Council Arts Office.

email:   telephone: 028 41923