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Photo Point and Interpretation Panel for Cleire Island

Meeting in Club on Saturday May 13th at 9pm.

Dear Islanders

Please find outlined below the options for the placement of the Photo Point and Interpretation Panel on Cléire Island (Cape Clear). 

The Photo Points and Interpretation Panels at the 188 Discovery Points / Embarkation Points and islands are intended to bring the area to life by featuring local stories chosen as a direct result of local consultation with Cork County Council, Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine and engagement with local groups.  The Photo Points and Interpretation Panels are placed on lands owned by state or by written agreement with the landowner.

The rational for the Photo Points along the Wild Atlantic Way route are designed to literally ‘frame’ photographs taken by visitors at the beauty spots and scenic views along the route.  These photos would remind the visitors on return from holidays where they had visited.  This is a memory that the visitor will share with family and friends on print and through social media. 

The Photo Points on the islands need to placed on the direct route of the visitor once they disembark from the boats, they cannot be placed where the visitor has to divert from the main route to take the picture.

The rationale for the panels is to provide visitors with local stories which will add layers to the Wild Atlantic Way experience and bring each location to life for tourists.

Below are two options for the positioning of the Photo Points and Interpretation Panel for Cléire, there is also a third option which is not to install any Photo Point and Interpretation panel on Cleire and this would be the only island along the route not to accept the Photo Point and Interpretation Panel by the local communities.

Option 1 is the preferred option as it gives the visitor a sense of arrival on Cleire. The Photo point (as in picture below) frames the photo and shows Cleire at its best.  The Interpretation Panel would be placed in the new development by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine at the opposite side of the road so as not to compromise the view.

Option 2, located adjacent to the pier wall. The placement of the Photo Point and Interpretation Panel along this wall comprises the view.  The visitor will only get a brick wall with a view back onto the island showcasing the Café.   A location such as the pier which is compromised by the parking, space available to gather and unspectacular photo opportunity is not what delivers a memorable experience for the visitor.

Fáilte Ireland have been in correspondence with the Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine outlining both options based on our visit to the island in April and in their opinion “Option 1 is DAFM’s preferred Option”.

email:   telephone: 028 41923