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  New Public Water Supply proceeding at at cracking pace.

New Public Water Supply for Cape Clear proceeding at a cracking pace.

At the beginning of September, following months of delay the works to install the new public water supply pipework on Cape Clear Island finally got underway in earnest. Given the scale of the project Islanders had expected that the works would last a good few months and had steeled themselves for a difficulty winter of disruption and delay as various parts of the Island road network were to be closed off. All agreed that it would be difficult but that it would be worthwhile and all resolved to face the inevitable disruptions with fortitude and good humor.

All were happily taken aback by the incredible pace of the contract, by the relentless work ethic of all the Shareridge team, for their professionalism and for the helpfulness and consideration shown to the residents trying to go about their daily business. Now, already at the onset of November, the bulk of the pipe laying has been completed. This includes the main spine of the road network from South Harbour to Comolán, the cross to Ed Harpers, The Glen and both Baile Iarthach roads. What remains are a few spurs, the bóthar lár and the small ring and the South Harbour road which we understand was previously trenched so it’s a matter only of excavating and changing the pipework.

The crews have worked long days to achieve this feat but the progress achieved has not been at the expense of the project. The ro ro has been kept busy bringing over 1,000 tons of the specified back fill to the Island and this has been bedded carefully around the pipework to ensure that the frequent and excessive leakages of the past, caused by stones cutting into the pipes, will remain in the past.  The pies have been pressure tested as each section has been completed. The roads as partially reinstated are wider in places and the laybys are,  also in some cases improved. In some areas temporary road surfacing has also been carried out, pending a full reinstatement.

At a human level, it has been the many inevitable interpersonal interactions between residents and the Shareridge crew that has defined this operation, cheerfulness and helpfulness being the order of the day. And it has been a pleasure to hear Gaeilge Chonamera being spoken on the Island.

Islanders are now looking forward to the early completion of the contract and the full reinstatement of the roads as soon as possible thereafter.

Meanwhile, credit and appreciation is due to all involved in this project, Irish Water, Cork County Council and Shareridge.

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