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  The Mill of the Little Stream

Millstone Cape ClearThis millstone on display outside Cape Clear Heritage Centre is an intriguing historical artefact. On a recent visit to the Island, Dr. Colin Rhynne, of the Department of Archeology in UCC remarked that it was from a medieval watermill. Apparently, such millstones are identifiable by the evidence of cogs, used to turn the millstone. Of course, Islander’s would not be surprised since one of the Island streams is still known as the ‘Stream of the Little Mill’ but no trace of the mill itself remains. When asked about the likely date of the mill itself, Dr. Rhynne put it as early as 1,000 – 1,200 A.D. This is a great testament to the relevance of place names and indeed the oral tradition on the Island, handed down for generations, bearing oral evidence of a building disappeared for many hundreds of years. The likely location of the mill is featured, item 44 in the Cape Clear Island Heritage Trail. Photo also shown of the Stream of the Little Mill.

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