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  Ireland's Ancient Island

Cape Clear is truly Ireland’s Ancient Island

Celopatras NeedleThis O’Driscoll enjoyed a trip to London recently and Cape Clear Stoneespecially the fabulous boat down the Thames to Greenwich. On the way, the Skipper proudly pointed out the famous Cleopatra’s Needle which he said was the oldest monument in London, being 3,500 years old !. He also pointed out that it was brought from Egypt 200 years ago.

And of course, this O’Driscoll thought OMG, its ONLY 3,500 years old while our mysterious and much loved Cape Clear Stone is a full 1,000 years older and actually originated on the Island itself. Why not read this interesting article in Roaringwater Bay Journal with the excellent proposal that the Cape Clear Stone should be brought back to Cape Clear Island where it belongs!. Read it here.

We show photos of Cleopatra’s Needle, the Cape Clear Stone and Our Cape Clear Island Flag which bears the image of our ancient island heritage.

By this account alone, Cape Clear richly deserves the title of Ireland’s Ancient Island.

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